Precious Jennings

St. Home


This is a clip from a half hour of material filmed by me in my home June of 2018. Presented at "Home Performance" November 2018

I am interested in the silhouette and the shadow of body, almost faceless or nameless. For “Home Performance” the space is private, the video projected onto the living room wall as guests converse, a poet reads, and musicians play and sing. It became a public place for a performance and I became the host in my own home. The video was in silence, on a loop for the evening, the sound score was whatever the guests wanted to play. The video was like a moving picture on the wall.

ABOUT the material being improvised: I wanted to continue to create material, to dance, to remember ballet technique. I was interested in movement as text and the history of me.

Music : Bridget St. John

Lucid Body

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