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The Lucid Body is dedicated to enabling the growth of the human being, through a safe and deep psychophysical process of introspection, exertion, and mental challenge.

This process has been developed as an aid to the actor in need of breaking out of habitual body, in order to develop a clear vehicle for any body. This process is committed to meeting each student halfway and only halfway.

Forcing growth is not only ineffective, but abusive. When the student is ready, the teaching is there.

The Lucid Body Basics are the fundamental building blocks of a new language, a new insight into character diagnosis. We are ultimately offering the acting student or anyone interested in self expansion, a way to see and diagnose a person across from you, feel how to shift your own energy to meet the given circumstances of a character, or a boss, perhaps a client, and harness the sticks and stones from your own circumstances.

Holistic acting means that the act of acting is a benefit to your system, not a drain. Lucid Body is a holistic training, based on the belief that self knowledge, having the courage to unpack and look at the contents of that unpacking, will uncover the complexity of the psycho-physical self. Using Carl Jung’s theories of persona and shadow, you will start with understanding why we are the way we are. Then we can look a character in the face with honesty, or a client. This is me. Who are you? Let’s meet and make magic, get something done.

The seven chakra energy centers will be introduced as tools to differentiate human behavior based on intent. While the root will protect you, the heart will express the soul secrets. Inspired by the ancient knowledge of the Eastern yogic traditions, the LB process specifies the weight and resonance of each center as it affects our humanity. Exploring, uncovering, digging deeper, flying higher, you will move into new places of self, those small voices become large and those undetectable feelings, immense.

The Contemplative Lucid Body practice thesis project for Lucid Body teacher training is constantly in the process of being created. It is a space for students, teachers, new and seasoned to come together and practice our work, it is an OPEN space, self-led, gently held space to begin to be one’s own teacher and witness to cultivate and find new thresholds for change. This practice is based on Barbara Dilley’s practice of Contemplative Dance Practice (CDP) and the meditation practice of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s eyes-open practice.  There is discussion of the structure at the beginning: seated meditation practice, personal warm-up, and open space, with time to share at the end of the practice.  This is the perfect space to come if you are wanting to up your game, practice your improvisation skills, combine other disciplines, write, observe, rest, meditate, sing, talk, listen, play an instrument, dress-up, dress-down, sleep, eat, because ANYTHING GOES (with consent/boundary work in place), this is not performance space, this is a WORK AND PLAY SPACE, time to contemplate what that means. How do you take your meditation practice with you into the work, how do you bring your history with you, how do you witness while you work?, how do you ask and answer your own questions?...

Private Coaching:

I am available for private coaching for solo or ensemble work, including scenes, plays, or entire cast/ensemble work. 

Upcoming workshop: September 2020 taught with Roger Ellis (online)

For pricing and availability please contact me (Linked to email contact)

I am available to teach dance/contact improvisation, yoga, somatics based-improvisation movement improvisaton, anatomy/physiology, Professional Development/SEL based learning for faculty and students, Nature/Site specific workshops for devising own work.

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