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Hambidge Residency Fundraiser

Hambidge Residency Fundraiser

I am fundraising in support of a performance project called "Aligning the Fibers of Self" which I began 1 year ago.This project is a physical practice of combined disciplines for performance to create sustainability as a fiber artist and theatrical performer.  The last year and a half has been figuring out how to make this tangible. I am deeply grateful to have had the means to do it thus far!  Now, I need outside forces and help!!!  I am sourcing wool from Oak Creek Farms, a small farm close to where I grew up. In hope to visit my family and continue my artistic process at the SAME time. I am supporting local farmer named Melissa who has educated me on wool farming and even more on processing. A goal in the next 2-5 years is to build a physical practice of making that will monetarily support me, be artistically driven to create in new ways and offer education to the communities I visit in sharing my practice. The arts are a vital place for creating change and widening our perceptions about how industries may cross unseen, from farm to body.

ModFarm in Michigan City, Indiana and Hambidge Creative Residency Program in Georgia, purchase a drum carder and combs needed to process wool,  pay collaborating musician(s)and help pay for studio space and the cost needed to create this project.

This will be my second year at ModFarm for 10 days! I am excited to return and create installation, forage the land for dye plants and continue to research color, stories and performance ideas with my collaborator Wilson Tanner Smith. This will take place the end of September beginning of October 2020, dates depend on when the plants are ready to be harvested! I will also offer a workshop/class to the community and spend the week dyeing wool over a fire and working with Wilson to collect sounds and create a site specific installation.

Cost $1,500

Musician/Collaborator for ModFarm: $800

The residency at Hambidge Creative Residency Program are November 24-December 6th.  I will be utilizing this time to write and reflect and up my writing skills (a script maybe?), spin more wool, and create a full length solo performance of this work for 2021. 

$500 ( $250/week)

Drum Carder/Combs to process fiber: $700

Fiber for 2021: $500

Studio Rent for 1 year: $250/ month :  $3,000


You may offer yours as a gift or keep it for yourself - just let me know!!

Above $500 donation receive ALL 4

$250+ choose 3

$150+ choose 2

$75+ 1

$0-$75  a personal thank you and lots and lots of love...and updates on the work!

Fundraiser offerings:

- free spinning/fiber class (private in my studio)

- knitting/crochet class

- handknit scarf/stocking cap (from repurposed yarn or from what I have spun

- private or small group online 1-1/2 hour yoga/somatic session or Lucid Body Intro class

Your generous support will be appreciated for years to come, by me and others that with use what I make, either through performance or fiber! I know this work will continue to teach me and others new skills and ideas and widen our communities. 

Please visit the GoFundMe Page ︎︎︎Here

Raw Fiber

$2.75/oz for uncarded
$3.50/oz for carded
$4.00/oz for spun

Wool is from
Oak Creek Farms
in Norwalk, Iowa.  


-Adult Romeldale ewe
-Her fleece is charcoal with brown tips
-21.6 microns 


-CVM patterned adult Romeldale ewe
-Creamy yellow bouncy carded fleece.
-AFD tested 24.3 microns.  


- Romney ewe oldest and founding member of the flock
-Soft white fleece
-30.5 microns


- Adult Romney ewe
-She has squishy silky fleece
-31.7 microns



Scarves (one of a kind) $50

Time to make: 7+ hrs

They are made to wrap at twice around the neck, some can also be used as a shawl. All are different weights as most of these are salvaged yarns bought at a local arts reuse store.

Naturally dyed wool to be spun or sold!

Lucid Body

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