Precious Jennings


This work was created with-in a 6 month residency at Link’s Hall. I researched the relationship of ensemble/herd and solo/individual by studying the connection of somatic, behavioral and communicative principles within humans, horses, and whales. These cross species studies have taught me how we as humans are able to play a diverse scope of behaviors through our survival tactics. We are either being predator or prey within our daily and performance lives. In this work I collaborated with musicians, Tim Young and Hamid Drake and many other artists to build relationships through rehearsal and workshops towards accompaniment for live improvisational performance . These inquiries fed an artistic process that led to a full- length performance work at the end of the residency.  We learned the risk one takes in being alone and to be sensitive in asking for participation. I worked with Paula Josa-Jones in embodied horsemanship and received Watsu ®  sessions as a part of my personal research in devising for practice with ensemble in the studio.  The research process also led to “Radical Bodies” a weekly practice led by musicians and a movement facilitator continuing to deepen the relationship of how we meet in improvisation which Lindsay Hopkins and I co-curated for a year.

Lucid Body

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