Precious Jennings

I am adjunct faculty at Columbia College Chicago in the Theater and Dance Department and a certified Lucid Body teacher.  I have collaborated and performed with The Humans, Jane Jerardi, Chicago Moving Company, Ayako Kato, Amelia Charter, Adam Kerbel, Khecari and others. My performance and teaching practices include improvisation, somatic research, dance and theater. My new work is textile-based named “Align the Fibers” devising from the art of spinning, wool and fiber, natural dye processes to create sustainability as a physical performance practice. "Align the Fibers of Self” is an improvised solo-project of my own devised history. “Align the Fibers of Collaboration” is currently working remotely, utilizing technology for dance and improvisation with musicians. The project will culminate with a live-mixed performance broadcast online from different locations around the world.

Lucid Body

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