Precious Jennings


“Align the Fibers of Self” Research Process
Footage taken at Hunter's Moon Residency 2019, ModFarm at Tryon Farm, Michigan City, Indiana.

This project is about coming back to the material of self, it is forever in transition and transforms how I arrive to collaboration. It is my vital practice of movement, dance, meditation and comtemplation, research, experimentation, music, singing and sounding.

The solo project title, “Align the Fibers of Self,” came after my time at ModFarm. As I swung in my hammock waiting for mordanting fibers and boiling plant material, I had time to think about: how did I get here?  I have been asking this question about sustainability as an artist and creative process for years.  I went to my history.  I remembered how my mother would take us on drives “looking in the ditches” for plants that she used to dry for crafts. My mother is a creator.  I grew up making things with her; she taught me to sew, knit, crochet, cook, cut hair,  and most importantly: follow my instincts.  Her parents were corn and animal farmers; she grew up on a farm until the age of 18.  When not working on the farm, her parents made hundreds of quilts and her aunts and grandparents made lace. I didn’t get to meet most of my family, so when I play my grandmother’s guitar or finish an unfinished quilt, it is as if I am continuing my heritage and possibly some unfinished dreams.

Lucid Body

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